Breaking news: slightly less chance of snow in the World Series…

…it’s not much, but it’s something…

Jaundiced by the procession of changes to baseball for the benefit of TV companies and to the detriment of fans and the game itself, it’s good and a little unnerving to see news of a change that makes sense:

Plans were announced today for next season to start – and therefore finish – up to four days earlier, largely by eliminating the final round of pointless exhibition games. 
Baseball is not a summer sport because the players are too big a bunch of wusses to play in winter. It is a summer sport because inclement weather ruins the game.
It makes the field so wet it is impossible to field properly, it makes the ball so wet it is impossible to pitch properly, it freezes up joints in the body to the extent that injuries are inevitable (baseball has a uniquely unnatural set of body movements – particularly pitching – that put participants permanently on the cusp of injury).
Of course, we still have to find a way of ensuring the Rockies and Twins don’t make it to the World Series, as late October baseball in either Colorado or Minnesota would be a bad joke.

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