Man of the Week: Jered Weaver

Jered Weaver may be the best pitcher in baseball. The ace of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (still the worst team name in professional sports), he leads the league in ERA with 2.10 and has racked up 14 wins for a team that probably won’t make the playoffs.

This week he signed a contract for more money than you or I will probably see in a lifetime – $85million over five years, a truly insane volume of money – it would take a worker at TCBY in Grand Cayman 6,600 years to earn that much.

Six thousand.
Six hundred.

Oh the joys and the justice of capitalism…

But anyway, how is Jered Weaver the Man of the Week? Because his agent Scott Boras, who is to team loyalty what locusts are to fields of corn, is ashamed of him right now. And if Scott Boras is ashamed of you, then you must be in a good place as far as I’m concerned.

You see, while $85million is a stupid amount of money, it may only be a little over half what Boras was hoping to secure for Weaver in just over a year when the then-30 year old would have hit the free agent market in the prime of his career. At that point he could reasonably have expected to get something in the neighbourhood of CC Sabbathia’s 7 year, $161million contract. CC Sabbathia earns $22.5million per year, Weaver will be on $17million. At 5% commission, Boras is losing $250,000 out of his pocket per year because of the deal Weaver took. But that’s not what’s bugging Boras.

So what’s bugging Boras, what sticks in his throat, what so annoyed him that he didn’t even send a representative to turn up to the Weaver press conference? I mean seriously. One of his highest-profile clients has just signed a deal that sets him up for life and Boras doesn’t even show up? Boras always shows up. He was the one grinning next to the Nationals owners and front office when Jayson Werth signed on for 7 years and $126million last winter. The moral of that story is clear: if Scott Boras is sitting next to you, you’re either a very rich player or an owner who just got hosed.

This deal was so bad, so utterly un-Boras-ish that the agent is ashamed to be associated with it to the point of disrespecting his client by skipping the press conference. So why did Weaver sign it?

“If $85 (million) is not enough to take care of my family and other generations of families then I’m pretty stupid, but how much money do you really need in life?…I’m a Southern California guy and I’m happy to stay here and have my friends and family close. Loyalty is very important to me. The Angels drafted me and I wanted to stay here and win a championship or two or three.”

Weaver didn’t buy into Boras’ new morality that says if you don’t take as much money as possible – regardless of where that forces you play – then you let down your fellow professionals, that you have failed to make a statement that will help other players. It’s baloney, and Weaver wasn’t buying.

“[I] could have got more, whatever. Who cares?”

Who cares?! Boras cares! A lot. And that’s why Weaver is my Man of the Week.

Not a hero of course – at least not until he gives away at least 84 of those 85 millions


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