You Couldn’t Script It…

Well you could, but it would have been dismissed as silly.

Actually it WAS silly, in a best-night-of-baseball-ever kind of a way. The appetiser was the Phillies coming back against one of the game’s best closers – rookie Craig Kimbrel of the Braves, and ousting Atlanta from the Wild Card race with an extra innings win.

But the sporting seismologists had their needles bouncing at the top of the Richter scale of no chance when the Rays – dead and buried at 7-0 down in the 8th, came back to beat the Yankees. This including a game-tying home run when they were down to their last strike, from a player who lost his starting job in April for having all the power of a wet noodle.

And the Red Sox – up in the ninth against the pointless Orioles, somehow conspired to throw their lead with a bloop hit here and a badly misjudged outfield play there.

In my last column I speculated at the possibility of an evening of rubbernecking, hoping maybe SOMETHING unpredictable would happen. As it turned out, 28th September must henceforth be known as National – nay, Global – Rubbernecking Day.


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