Turner Field silliness

‘2010 Wild Card Champions’

You’d hope that was part of a comedy skit or some other self-effacing irony, or a tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that they weren’t champions of anything.

Sadly you’d be wrong. At the end of a long row of banners in Turner Field glorying in all their Division titles and sole World Series win, is a banner that reads as per the above.

They should be more honest about it and say, “Champions of Fourth Place in the National League”. MLB should order them to change it…”Champions”??!! The Wild Card team is the fastest loser, the least loserish of all the teams that lost…they’re not champions of anything! And painting the flag in a different colour doesn’t excuse the vainglorious boasting folks, it still looks desperate…


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  1. Martin Reynolds says:

    Well, when the US domestic baseball champions are called “World” champions, I guess that sets the tone for a little exaggeration further down the ranks.


  2. Timothy Reynolds says:

    It’s more impressive – though less honest – than “BA (Failed)” seen on the brass plaques of some sub-continental professional establishments.


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